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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Cosco Shipping International (Singapore) Co. Ltd: 3 October 2018, Wednesday, 9.59am Singapore Time

Cosco Shipping International (Singapore) Co. Ltd: 
3 October 2018, Wednesday, 9.59am Singapore Time
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Attached is the Technicals for Cosco Shipping International (Singapore) Co. Ltd, an international shipping/shipbuilding/logistics company that is listed in the Singapore SGX. The 2 green circled regions are high volume smart money buys during a time when the brainless herd were selling and shorting on fear, thinking that trade war means a hit to shipping industry and logistics. Markets are flooded with ignorant idiots. The cup-and-handle massive re-accumulation (yellow price structure) using trade war fear has been completed. Bearish fools aplenty are being punished. The neckline of re-accumulation has broken upwards. Buy on dips any backtest of $0.41-$0.42 support. We are in deep bull market with extremely high upside journey, as per fore-warned too. 

Next target:
Breakout of $0.50 with a breeze. Then Upmove-Breakout of 61.0 cents. And to hit $1.00 milestone target.

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