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Friday, 5 January 2018

Commodity Cyclical Upturn To Come: Which are the top 3 finest breed for buying? 5 January 2018, Friday, 11.14am Singapore Time

Commodities' Cyclical Upturn To Come: 
Which are the top 3 Singapore's finest breed for buying?
5 January 2018, Friday, 11.14am Singapore Time
(Click on Technical Relativity Chart above to Enlarge)

Attached above is the Technicals of the Past Half-Year Trending Relativity of the commodity stocks in Singapore. The FTSE ST Basic Materials Index is used for the bench-marking process. The litmus result yields the finest breed horse from among the soon to come cyclical upturn of commodities sector worldwide. In essence, we are obtaining the strongest horse that has at least 90% winning edge.

In the short-mid term going into 2018, Olam came in as the cream of the crop. Golden Agri and Bumitama Agri came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. The trend is one's best friend when it comes to performance, and it will be translated from short-mid term to long term from 2018 on. The edge usually lasts long. The 3 commodity equities are generally performing far superior compared to the industry. The trend is likely to carry on in 2018.

As these are the horses with the strongest legs, they will have limited downside and maximal upside because the worldwide commodity sector's winter is to come to an official end in 2018. 

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
Worldwide Commodity Sector's Cyclical Winter is to come to an official end now

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