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Friday, 10 November 2017

US-China Cooperation and Energy Deals: 10 November 2017, Friday, 7.37am Singapore Time

US-China Cooperation and Energy Deals: 
10 November 2017, Friday, 7.37am Singapore Time
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US energy companies opened low and ended high yesterday. This is why I had stressed several times yesterday that smart hedge funds, including mine, will be closely watching US President Donald Trump's visit to Asia and, in particular, to China. 

The most glaring focus as of now is the oil, gas and energy deals struck between the 2 superpowers. US seeks to increase exports of its natural gas. The attached above are the immediate list of energy companies that will have their stock and equity share prices significantly higher than where they are currently, starting from yesterday 9 November 2017. It is worthwhile to shortlist these stocks for intense buying and investing.

Come 2018, the stock prices of these companies will be rallied to much higher grounds:

1. Chesapeake Energy
2. ExxonMobil
3. EQT
4. Southern California Gas Company
5. National Fuel Gas
6. Devon Energy
7. Noble Energy
8. Continental Resources
9. Kinder Morgan

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