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Monday, 6 November 2017

Cosco Analysis and Implications for Worldwide Financial Markets: 6 November 2017, Monday, 11.45pm Singapore Time

Cosco Analysis and Implications for Worldwide Financial Markets: 
6 November 2017, Monday, 11.45pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the technicals for Cosco Shipping International Co Ltd. In 1H-2017, I had forewarned in my analysis live feeds that based on my ground zero data collection, many naive retail investors had cut loss their Cosco Holdings, suggesting this will be the TRUE ROCK BOTTOM. This coincided with volume flow and BDI turning for maximum reversal.

The first green circle refers to my live forewarning on 6th September 2017 warning again that this region will still be the rock bottom for Cosco (refer to past time-stamped Cosco track records as attached below).

The second green circle refers to my reiterated live forewarning on 9th October 2017 warning that Baltic Dry Index (index measure of worldwide shipping) had bottomed up and will go long term uptrend from here (refer to past time-stamped Baltic Dry Index analyses as attached too).

Cosco has now gapped up with extremely high volume right after my technical forewarnings using a wide array of holistic approaches. This is the first super rally right after my forewarnings. The extreme high volume following the gap up with prices ending near the day's high means a further confirmation of the bottom. It means extreme high bullishness.

In the inter-market aspects, this is in sync with movements in Baltic Dry Index (BDI), with Cosco and BDI both triangulating each other and these 2 triangulating further with shipping sectors worldwide. What this further implies is that international trade and finance is picking up strength and momentum. Real growth is being translated into the main streets and the tangible economies of all countries, both emerging markets and developed markets. This is where markets will make another big wave up worldwide. This will not be just for short term or mid term. This strength will be for long term with strong stamina, longer than one can possibly imagine. Based on a bottoms scoop-up basis, Cosco will rally at least +300% and possibly make multi-fold gains of more than +500% from here.

You have what it takes to keep on improving in wisdom, strength and market judgement. Keep it up. Congratulations to those on the right track.


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