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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

South Africa 40 Index: 3 October 2017, Tuesday, 5.09pm Singapore Time

South Africa 40 Index: 
3 October 2017, Tuesday, 5.09pm Singapore Time
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Attached above is the technicals for South Africa 40 Index. After consolidating for 3 years, South Africa, a typical BRICS Emerging Market has broken out of its large scale long term consolidation. This means it is going to proceed on with large scale long term upmove again, the next wave of bull market. Synchronously, Emerging Markets, BRICS and Asia are all going to break up their large base of consolidation in 4Q-2017 and 2018. Break-out rallies worldwide will be a large scale long term re-ignition of the new phase of bull markets amidst widespread public sentiments calling for market crashes and bear markets. Globally, all blue chips will continue to rally non-stop, mid-caps to rally strongly and penny stocks will super rally. 

Side note:
European markets to continue to rebound, US markets to continue to rally non-stop and Asia markets to rally the strongest of them all.

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