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Monday, 16 October 2017

Copper: 16 October 2017, Monday, 3.59pm Singapore Time

16 October 2017, Monday, 3.59pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the updated technicals for Copper. The first 2 green circled regions are my live warnings in 1H-2016 and 2H-2016 fore-warning that all metals such as steel and copper will super rally, before prices move (refer to past track records). The yellow circle is the 1st confirmation and blue circle is the 2nd confirmation. The 3rd small green circled region is my live warning in July 2017 fore-warning my reiteration on continued copper rally to come, the implications and to add buys (refer to past copper live analysis in analysis site). Copper has executed more break-up intentions at 31,710 points ($3.1710) in red circled regions. Expect the rally to continue for whole of 2017 and 2018 with currently the sky as the limit. Congratulations to everyone who managed to buy exact rock bottoms together with me and added at the precision buying zones on dip as well. You have what it takes to excel. 

Previous Copper Analysis:

Implication for Worldwide Stock Markets:
More new waves of rising tide that lifts all stocks and equities all over the world. Bull markets will continue to have strong long-stamina legs. Copper technicals imply that the whole of 2017 and whole of 2018 are guaranteed bull markets now.

Additional Note: 
Copper has important industrial usages. It implies something for industrial sector, consumption sector, wealth, general GDP growth and most importantly, health of economies and sustained health of equity markets from the top cap stocks right down to the small cap stocks. 

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