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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Yoma Strategic: 13 July 2016, Tuesday, 7.35am Singapore Time

Yoma Strategic: 
13 July 2016, Tuesday, 7.35am Singapore Time

Attached above is the technical analysis of Yoma Strategic, a stock with a strong Myanmar-theme due to its strategic developments in Myanmar and its focus on the emerging market. This makes the stock the one of the best investments for a rally.

* Double breakup of blue resistance band and orange resistance lines: more upside ahead
* Volumes: selling always dries easily and big hands scoop up big thereafter. 
* Big Hands absorbed all the profit takings of the small retailers after breakup.
* Bullish inverse should-head-shoulder
* 1st target: 72.5cents; 2nd target 87.5cents, 3rd target break out 82.5cents to go beyond $1.00.
* Highly bullish because smart money likes Myanmar theme and Myanmar play.
* Worldwide funds flow of smart monies worldwide: Maximum strength longs while retailers representing fools' monies are maximum bearishness

DNA Technical Rating:


  1. hi donovan
    may I know your holding period ?
    possible of joining 2nd half 2016 bulls?
    is it purely based on technical or fundamental base? sorry for many questions?

  2. Yes, it is still in time to join for 2H-2016 and 2017 rally.
    Big Hands and Smart Monies worldwide are all buying the markets for rally. Not shorting.

  3. thanks, Donovan for ur effort and times...appreciate

  4. Hi Donovan, has your analysis changed given the recent sell down of Yoma to 0.51? 0.87 upside still attainable? I am worried.

  5. Thank you Sir! Appreciate your analysis, it is really good stuff. I am vested though I am still worried about Trump's policy on emerging market like Myanmar, given the recent sell down.

    Thanks again! Your chat reading is fantastic.