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Friday, 15 July 2016

NASDAQ-100 Technical Analysis: 15 July 2016, Friday, 11.55am Singapore Time

NASDAQ-100 Technical Analysis: 
15 July 2016, Friday, 11.55am Singapore Time

Breakout of orange resistance.
Re-accumulated and re-longed NASDAQ-100, a basket of 100 blue chip stocks in NASDAQ.
Action: Buy and Hold now because I am forewarning of a super rally in 2H-2016 and whole of 2017.
Advantage: Dividends and Capital Appreciation from the basket of 100 blue chips in NASDAQ-100.


  1. Hi Donovan, can I just check with you if it's a good time to invest in Greece stock market since it was beaten down from its historic 8000 point high.

  2. Rising tide lifts all boats. Strong boats rise more, weak boats have holes and rise less. When intraday correction comes, strong boats resist correcting, weak boats go down more. Net effect becomes obvious. I will not be buying anything that is Europe when it comes to buying. However, when it comes to shorting, Europe comes to my mind. When it comes to longing, the US markets and tech stocks come to my mind.