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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Ezra: 15 March 2015, Sunday, 9.30am Singapore Time

Ezra: 15 March 2015, Sunday, 9.30am Singapore Time
Chart courtesy of Chartnexus.com

Attached above is the Technical Analysis of Ezra that is listed in the Singapore Stocks Market of SGX.

The RED BOX region is my end-2013 and early-2014 Warnings of Energy Bear Market Transition to happen in 2014 and to get out of stocks and equities (oil, mid caps and small caps). The ORANGE BOX region is the transition to energy (oil and gas) bear as forewarned in early 2014. The GREEN CIRCLE region is my live analysis where I established my 400 lots (400,000 shares) shorts on Ezra at $1.07 after my warnings of 13 April 2014:
(I am sitting on slightly more than $200,000 paper profits on my Ezra shorts)

This stock has proceeded to execute the transition to bear market and the sell-down phase after my warnings. The full transition process is shown in chart above.

The stock may do some dead cat rebound before resuming long term down-move if market is merciful, however, such dead cat rebounds are for unloading or shorting on rebounds, and not buying.

The stock is still in long term downtrend. In essence, any escape wave rebound is a sell into rebound.
Ezra next targets are now 25 cents and 12.25 cents respectively, another further half price followed by more further half price from the half-priced prices. This would represent more than -75%  price plunge from my shorts. Any profits earned from the unorthodox short and hold of 1-2 year time frame surpass by more than 10x the interest paid in such shorts (the style of professional hedge funds)

This is the wealth destruction for majority of stocks investors as forewarned in end-2013 and early-2014.

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