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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Malaysia KLCI Index: 16 November 2014, Sunday, 1.50pm Singapore Time

Malaysia KLCI Index: 16 November 2014, Sunday, 1.50pm Singapore Time
Chart courtesy of Chartnexus.com

+ KLCI  and Malaysia stocks all across the board have been engaging in a distribution using a 100 point banding range.

+ Smart Monies used the price action in the RED BOX (in chart above) to set up long term and large scale unloads of Malaysia stocks to Malaysia public at high prices.
+ Most of Malaysia investors, public and buyers are now fully invested in stocks and equities at the maximum levels and most are invested with rosy sentiments feeling that there is absolutely zero chance of any bear market.
+ This fits the description of how a bull ends and how a bear starts.

+ Long term banded uptrend has broken down and backtested as resistance successfully: BEARISH
(See RED CIRCLE above)

+ Any short term rebound is for getting out.
+ Sell the markets before everyone rushes for the exit all at once under which will see a market crash in Malaysia.
+ Note that Malaysia Stocks Market was being executed a huge dump during the last trading day of May 2014.

+ Selling pressure will continue to exist in Malaysia stocks and equities, together with FKLI and KLCI breakdown.
+ Note: Malaysia properties and real estates will go into deep bear markets too.
+ No change in bearish stance.

+ Distribution pattern is large and persistent; cautiousness is highly warranted.

There was a Failure To Rebound on MAXIMUM +10.000 FFA in Mid-2014 (CONFIRMATION OF BEAR MARKET)

+ Maximum +10.000 strength in the FFA big wind/broad market directions have been completed and Malaysia indices have failed to rally anymore, further signs of large scale distribution of stocks and equities to Malaysia public.
+ Resumption in sell-off will continue to do further damage to Malaysia investment portfolios.
+ More Wealth Destruction ahead in Malaysia.

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(When Singapore Bonds go down, Malaysia's will go doubly down or even worse; this will bring even more selling pressure in Malaysia financial markets)

Donovan Norfolk Ang

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