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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Keppel Corp: 12 November 2014, Wednesday, 10.22am Singapore Time

Keppel Corp: 12 November 2014, Wednesday, 10.22am Singapore Time
Chart courtesy of Chartnexus.com

In previous Keppel Corp analyses, I warned of huge distribution going on:

Attached above is more follow-up on the Technical Analysis of Keppel Corp.
Keppel Corp has transited to bear market. Only a capture of $11.20 will negate a long term bear market for Keppel Corp; otherwise, this long term bear market for Keppel Corp will persist.
All illustrations above are self-explanatory.

First (Short Term) Target: 
Testing $7.90 support

Second (Mid Term) Target: 
Break down $7.90 support fiercely for multi-year lows

Third (Long Term) Target: 
Test the $1.30 support area and may slightly break down $1.30 in a Secular Trending Bear Market for Oil, resulting in -85% to -90% loss in price from peak.

I reiterate that Kepcorp is a strong stock. What this means is that find other weak stocks of the same sector to short and not find this strong stock as shorting target.

Stocks and equities worldwide to be continued to be unloaded and shorted big time by the financial markets especially in Europe and Asia.

Donovan Norfolk Ang Rating:
Bearish for the long term.
Unload/Sell/Short on every Rebound

Hint for Worldwide Markets when strongest blue chip such as Keppel Corp also breaks down: 
Highly Bearish

If you're not getting out stocks and investments for safety purposes, are you prepared 
for the high downside with substantial loss, especially for those with large investment portfolio?

Expect to see first real wave of Margin Calls worldwide from the weak hands, sells that had not been seen since 2008 US financial crisis.

All Past Kepcorp Analyses:

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