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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Malaysia KLCI Index: 5 June 2014, Thursday, 12.53pm Singapore Time

Malaysia KLCI Index: 5 June 2014, Thursday, 12.53pm Singapore Time
Chart from Chartnexus.com

+ Warned in Nov of 2013-May of 2014 to get out of the financial markets. 
+ KLCI has since engaged in a 100 point distribution range, a distribution that was pre-warned.
+ Malaysia Market has executed a huge dump during the last trading day of May 2014.
+ Philippines also has also executed a huge sell on the last day of May 2014.
+ Big Hands used the price action in the RED BOX (in chart above) to set up unloads at excellent prices
+ Bearish Wedge is to break down soon.
+ Malaysia stocks to be bearish with selling pressure across the board, together with FKLI and KLCI breakdown.
+ No change in bearish stand.
+ Note the points of initial stage of bearish wedge and the end stage of bearish wedge
+ Distribution pattern is big
+ Bearish Volumes accompanied the escape wave for lay-out of shorts, as well as unloading, by Big Hands and Smart Money (see chart above)

<< WARNING: Failure To Rebound on MAXIMUM +10.000 FFA >>
+ Maximum +10.000 FFA in the big wind/broad market is completing and U-turning, and this had been the best performance that this stock can offer (to be trapped within bearish descending triangle and failure to rally).
+ Resumption in sell-off will now proceed to do further damage.
+ Financial markets are transiting to bear markets as per warned in Daily Funds Flow Analysis.

Donovan Norfolk Ang

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