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Friday, 21 September 2012

Spanish IBEX Market: Market Makers' Implications

Spanish IBEX had been on a short-sale ban. 

Market Makers had restricted/banned shorting the Spanish IBEX for some time as Spanish government imposed a short-sale ban.

Recently, Market Makers opened up shorting platform for IBEX again. You could place your shorts on Spanish IBEX and market makers accept the shorting bets. Not surprisingly, Spanish IBEX charged up after that. Moral of the story? When you cannot short, the market dives into the Olympics pool. When it's time for them to push, the platform for shorting opens its doors and welcomes you with both arms.

Presently Spanish IBEX isn't the weakest market anymore. 
It is the Hang Seng Index that is the weakest. The low profiles are where the attacks actually are. The high profiles (Europeans) are not where the attacks are. In the ancient Chinese battle strategies, the term is called "Calling for the East and Strike the West", which in this case here, calling for the West and strike the East.

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