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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Midas: 9 September 2012, Sunday, 1.10pm

Midas: A China Infrastructure Play, Free Money is dropping from the sky now, grab it before it rockets more 
(Midas: 9 September 2012, Sunday, 1.10pm)

Based on Donovan's Technical Analysis, Midas 44cents target is a guarantee, assuming ceteris paribus. 
Based on price-volume analysis, there is also a very high chance that upon hitting 44cents major resistance, Midas will retrace slightly before blasting past 44cents resistance. Advanced Technical Analysis signals Big Hands are already in Midas. Based on my judgement, this is what I would label as free money dropping from the sky. Grab and laugh all the way to the bank.

Blasting past 44cents will result in a new bull market trend for MIDAS. 

Note that this is a China Infrastructure (Rail Road) Play. It is one stock that will be independent of big markets directions due to fundamentals and government policies. The Technical side suggests re-accumulation had been completed and a pump-up action to take over now.

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