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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Updated Straits Times Index Analysis (Global Rally Coming): 12 December 2018, Wednesday, 9.29am Singapore Time

Updated Straits Times Index Analysis (Global Rally Coming): 
12 December 2018, Wednesday, 9.29am Singapore Time
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Attached above is the Monthly Technicals of FTSE Singapore Straits Times Index (FTSE STI). If you had been learning from my teachings all along, you will know that Singapore FTSE STI is the number 1 indicator for global economic health and worldwide financial markets. The reasons had been explained in my previous FTSE STI teachings. STI is maintained in strong uptrend supported by the 2 black trend lines. The worst of the "trade war" (initial salvos are often the worst) is almost over, and the STI has not fallen much. Each time the black line supports are touched, a major global rally, including STI, follows. We are at that point now. There is also a  2-month higher low higher high created now -- candle formed such that majority of the herd remains bearish. We are ready for major significant widespread rally in 2019-2020.

Straits Times Index is expected to rally beyond 5000 points in the next few years. 5000 points is a minimum estimation (conservative estimation), as 6000 points is a possible target. Many worldwide blue chips, big caps, bank stocks, and index stocks are expected to make 2x gains from here -- meaning even elephants will gain twice their weight to become fat elephants.

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