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Friday, 21 December 2018

Logarithmic Chart of DJIA: 21 December 2018, Friday

Logarithmic Chart of DJIA: 21 December 2018, Friday

Attached is the Logarithmic Chart of DJIA. The shaded regions are recession years. If you apply a pattern recognition of the shaded regions, in the past 100 years till now, it is getting harder and harder to get into recession. Australia is the classic example of such an expansionary phase. As too many people are pointing to breakdown charts, please allow me to post some breakup charts. The DJIA has previously broken up the super-resistance as indicated. Investors of stock market need not be overly panic. Remain calm and composed, like Warren Buffett. There is a reason why Buffett scooped up bank stocks some time ago and Apple Stocks a few months ago. In all my triangulation of all asset classes, Buffett is 100% correct.

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