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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Technical Analysis of Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR): 11 December 2018, Tuesday, 10.18pm Singapore Time

Technical Analysis of Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR): 
11 December 2018, Tuesday, 10.18pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the Technicals for Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR). On 1 April 2018, I first published a buy analysis on Twitter when it was $29.00. I used funds flow analysis on Twitter back then. It has risen to $33.43. The profits from this longs is set to further explode upwards from here. Twitter is a stock which is immune to trade wars, which makes it one of the best buy out there in times of uncertainty. This is made even more attractive when US President likes to sensationalize whatever he does and uses Twitter as his tool. This makes Twitter a strong uptrend as long as Donald Trump is president. Twitter is a 99.999% money-spinning tree in one's portfolio. Technicals as illustrated in detail on chart. Expect the high of the entire chart to break upwards.

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