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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Trades: 5 May 2015, Tuesday, 12.27pm Singapore Time

Trainee's Trades: 5 May 2015, Tuesday, 12.27pm Singapore Time

This trainee used to work as a hairdresser. Now she consistently makes money in front of computer trading terminals and sipping coffee while watching TV and Bloomberg TV. 

Jennifer Tee took shorts only 4 hours ago using my teachings/rules, used only $270 risk to make $802 SGD in 4 hours. Made 2.97x returns in one morning, i.e. +297% returns in one morning. Trainee closes shop for the day now, using my teachings and rules, with low risk for high rewards, and this is her daily salary using disciplined scientific methodology of Donovan Norfolk Teachings.

Let me help Jennifer to reflect on today's success:
On a Per Trade Basis, when lose, one should strive to merely lose only $250 risk for a high probability win of $800-$1000 per trade. Similarly, for a risk of $2500, one's win should be $8,000 to $10,000 per trade as well. The trainee wanted to go all in at $2500 this morning, but I asked her not to, as this is all her capital. Do not go show hand or Russian Roulette as this becomes gambling. What we strive for is scientific calculated minimal risk for humongous crazy returns.

On a consistently disciplined basis, wealth can be created indefinitely. Sometimes the process may be fast, sometimes the process may be slow. However, on a mathematical expectancy calculation, one is expected to make wealth like famous traders out there, using low-risk-high-probability models for high rewards. 

This is wealth accumulation process, and applies for both trading as well as investing (investment in either shorts or longs is also investment; think out of the box is the key). This is where alternative skillset acquired from a top quality mentor makes real difference to one's life.

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