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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Trades: 12 May 2015, Tuesday, 7.30pm Singapore Time

Trainees' Trades: 12 May 2015, Tuesday, 7.30pm Singapore Time

Heavy and large sell-off sparked off by Europe now. All markets plunged into a sea of RED blood. As warned 1 day ago that worldwide Big Monies and Smart Monies suddenly piled up to MAXIMUM SHORTS yesterday. 

The above is just one of my trainees' profits. In just one day. Congrats to Ah Lim yet again. Whatever he shorted, together with the Big Hands who control the markets, whatever he wins. He shorted the strong, fake rebounds 1 day ago, using the maximum shorts Funds Flow Holdings chalked up by Big Monies worldwide yesterday. The shorts were executed while the Smart Monies created the fake rebounds yesterday and used the fake rebounds to short crazily. So did Ah Lim and all the trainees.

You guys made me proud and you guys made great money again while 90% out there lose like lost sheeps.

Those who are caught out by the sell-offs, do your own precautions and protections.
The below illustrates how the shorts were set up and executed. For those who are interested to improve or sharpen your skills, you might like to learn here.

German DAX Index 5 minutes Chart, reflective of all Asian Markets, European Markets and US pre-markets right now: Sharp Plunge.

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