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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Trades: 13 May 2015, Wednesday, 10.30pm Singapore Time

Trades: 13 May 2015, Wednesday, 10.30pm Singapore Time

The above is another trainee's profits for the day. Just one day. Using very small capital amount to take this profits home for the day.
Everyone's hitting the oil well, with bingo after bingo and more bingo. This is just one of them.
Trainee said it is just a humble small position; however, I would often recommend not playing too big, as big should come only when winning becomes second nature, with predators' instincts and fast calculation of reward-risk becoming second nature as well. That would mean reaching my level, which is possible as well with enough experience.

Every trainee's winning and laughing to the bank. 

Winning is not impressive enough, it has to be won using small capital put in to take back lucrative profits consistently to be impressive. This ensures minimal risk with maximum profits. It is like entrepreneurship: from nothing to something, from small business to big corporations, then that is called impressive. To give an analogy, big company becoming big business is not impressive. Small company consistently storing warchest of ammunition to become big business is impressive. I hope I managed to drill in the right mentality: no greed, go steady, develop real skills from real master, chart properly, seize opportunities and money comes in droves. 

If you sleep well, you are probably doing it right in the financial market; if you do not sleep well, you are probably either trying to eat big buffet that is bigger than the size of your stomach or you are not doing it right.

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