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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The True Picture of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding: 6 November 2018, Tuesday, 2.27pm Singapore Time

The True Picture of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding: 
6 November 2018, Tuesday, 2.27pm Singapore Time
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Today, I am going to point out certain facts (Universal Truths) about Yangzijiang Shipbuilding:
1. It has made the Very Long Term Resistance Band the Very Long Term Support Band now.
2. It has reinforced the Very Long Term Blue Support Band as strong Support Band now.
3. Actions 1 and 2 are used together with green circled region's backtest for major upmoves, in this case, the 2 actions are used to confirm for break-up of black resistance trendline, brewing for Super-Cycle upmove.
4. This is in sync with Super-Cycle large upmove in worldwide markets. Another minimum of +100% profits can be expected from here for Yangzijiang longs.
5. 90% of market herd representing market fools or fools' monies are clueless, cautious, bearish, recessionary in view and warning of bear market and market crisis worldwide. This is the brilliance of global market movements so far.
6. When Shipbuilding Industry is just switching from winter into newfound spring, global markets are just at halfway mark.
【Don't be a fool and follow the herd shouting for bear or drawing bearish charts-- cluelessly like a headless chicken.】

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