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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Cosco Shipping International: 6 September 2017, Wednesday, 8.25am Singapore Time

Cosco Shipping International: 
6 September 2017, Wednesday, 8.25am Singapore Time
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Attached above is the technicals for Cosco, a prominent shipping company that is listed in Singapore SGX. Cosco has broken up the blue trendline resistance at 0.28-0.33, and is consolidating along the trendline resistance turned support. It is a weak stock, hence it will be slow in recover, however Cosco is bottoming out, and this is the true rock bottom. The healthy volume flow suggests that Cosco's health will be improving. The subtle bullish price actions are illustrated in green. The healthy volume flows are illustrated in red. Cosco Technicals: Bottoming out.

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