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Thursday, 17 August 2017

VIX Volatility Fear Index: 17 August 2017, Thursday, 11.37pm Singapore Time

VIX Volatility Fear Index: 
17 August 2017, Thursday, 11.37pm Singapore Time
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Attached above is the updated technicals for VIX and the follow-up analysis for VIX.
Volatility Index (Fear Index) is attempting to find support at 11.93, this means worldwide stock markets' short term corrections have another 1-3 weeks more to go (mid-point: 2 weeks) and VIX volatility index/fear index will attempt another short term wave up as indicated by the blue arrow. Gold will continue to be the best investment, because gold will rally with fear, and gold will also go uptrend with worldwide stock markets' rally. Gold only has one direction up, i.e. to rally beyond $2000 an ounce. Aug-Sept VIX merely provided gold with some more rocket fuel.
The put options and put warrants in the markets, as forewarned 2 weeks ago, needed to make some quick money through short term correction and they are not done nor finished with the process yet.

Gold within one's portfolio:
Bullish/Upwards Pressure

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