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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Gallant Venture: 6 July 2017, Thursday, 8.20am Singapore Time

Gallant Venture: 
6 July 2017, Thursday, 8.20am Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals for Gallant Venture, a stock listed in Singapore SGX. The red region are my live warnings to get out of the markets, especially non-blue chips and Asian equities in 2013-2014, forewarning in 2013-2014 that those green volumes bars are bearish volumes. The blue region is where high green volume bars are bullish volumes now. Gallant venture is reversing big trend and switching to an entirely all new uptrend. The yellow arrow points to where my live forewarnings of 2016 warned ahead of time that a lot of hot monies will rush into Europe and Asia in 2017-2018, and international financial markets are doing that right now. The run-up is far from over and it will continue to surge. Bullish. More up-moves expected.

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