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Sunday, 23 October 2016

CIMB Bank: 23 October 2016, Sunday, 10.14pm Singapore Time

CIMB Bank: 
23 October 2016, Sunday, 10.14pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the technical analysis of CIMB Bank, a blue chip component stock of the KLCI Index in the KLSE market:
The red circled regions are my live warnings in 2013 and 2014 to sell away Malaysia bank stocks warning of capital exodus and warning in 2013-2014, before it happens, that Malaysia bonds will get dumped and Malaysia Ringgit will bleed badly
(refer to past track records on Msia bonds, yields, interests and Ringgit analyses in the analysis site).

Overly-exponential sell-down wave in CIMB Bank is a sign of widespread fear in Malaysia financial markets. It is also a sign of highly established fear, gloom and doom in Malaysia and this is to be marked as an end to selling. Extreme High Volume Absorption by smart monies is then detected in the market in 2016 as highlighted during the early part of this year. This is highly bullish. Expect a super bullish rally for CIMB Bank for 2017 now. CIMB Bank will be the best performing bank in KLSE in 2017.

Previous CIMB Bank Bullish Analysis when it was @ 4.327 (currently 5.04 with a lot more upside):

DNA Technical Rating:
【Worldwide stock markets to have synchronized super rally in 2H-2016 and 2017.】

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