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Thursday, 9 June 2016

NASDAQ-100 Technical Analysis for your learning: 9 June 2016, Thursday, 11.59pm Singapore Time

NASDAQ-100 Technical Analysis for your learning: 
9 June 2016, Thursday, 11.59pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the NASDAQ-100 Index Technical Analysis.
Refer to previous NASDAQ Index Analysis in January and February 2016 when I said buy on fear, and the reasons in Jan and Feb:

I am taking profits of the 4th batch out of 4 batches of NASDAQ longs holdings today. Full technicals as illustrated on chart. Buying on fear and selling on greed together with worldwide smart monies (funds flow analysis of hot monies) has, in general, never failed to earn me lucratively.

Another thing, for the past many weeks, because of the strategy of protective trailing stop adjusted upwards as the bull rebound goes, all my positions invested into NASDAQ-100 became free of charge, meaning maximum loss/risk of my investment is zero loss, and maximum gain is as high as the bull can go. Zero risk, zero loss, unlimited gains. But I am taking all profits off the table now (risk management). 

Above are the profits in ($) US Dollar (USD).
Below are the profits converted into (SD) Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Profits in this 4-month disciplined positional trading/investment trade:
+ S$ 197,680 SGD

S$ 1,132,150 + S$ 197,680
= + S$ 1,329,830 SGD

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