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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

REX International: 6 April 2016, Wednesday, 10.30am Singapore Time

REX International: 
6 April 2016, Wednesday, 10.30am Singapore Time

Attached above is the weekly chart of REX International that is listed in the SGX.
This stock has high potential as a multifold, multi-bagger stock. 
High profits potential.

1. Capitulation as illustrated and highlighted in technicals above.

2. Big Hands have early set up in this stock, followed by shake-outs and stealth buys in the stock as illustrated in the green circles in the chart above.

3. Current point: at multiple powerful resistance-turned-supports (Brown and Pink technical lines)

4. Break-ups plus a recent absorption of dumping volumes for this stock, with the dumping with fear done by foolish weak-minded retail investors/traders.

5. Based on DNA worldwide Funds Flow Analyses, Smart Monies worldwide continue to be extremely large longs in stocks-equities markets around the world. Rising tide lifts almost all boats. This boat will be lifted.

6. REX International Holding Ltd:
Multi-bagger equates to capital maximization. All other stocks lose their shine in the face of a multi-fold multi-bagger King.

DNA Technical Rating on REX International:

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