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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sabana Reit: 11 June 2015, Thursday, 1.59pm Singapore Time

Sabana Reit: 11 June 2015, Thursday, 1.59pm Singapore Time

Technical Analysis of Sabana REIT as illustrated in chart attached above.

Refusal to rally on maximum worldwide funds flow analysis longs from January 2015 to April 2015:
Based on DNA-FFA principles, there were massive unloading of unwanted babies from the smart monies to the fools' monies.

84 cents support will break down almost definitely now based on overall technical structure and the DNA-FFA principles.

Selling pressure will not only occur in this trust but in all REITS and trusts and dividend yielding assets all across the board.

Unit Trusts, Properties, REITS and Rental Markets:
For the past few years,
Smart Monies Out, Fools' Monies Had Poured In.

Huge breakdown is coming because even cobblers want to buy properties for rent or for passive income.
Markets will make the majority herd pay a costly price soon and as forewarned.

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