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Monday, 29 July 2013

Apple Inc (AAPL): 29 July 2013, Monday, 12.28am Singapore Time

Apple Inc: 29 July 2013, Monday, 12.28am Singapore Time
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US Market Stock: Apple (NASDAQ: APPL)

Attached is the Technical Analysis of Apple listed in the NASDAQ (US Stock Market).

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has formed a short-mid term technical rebound double bottom and is now poised for a technical rebound.

Based on Technical Structure,

Long: $429.00-$440.99

Target 1: $476.50-$498.55 (First Resistance), representing at least $36 per share profit.
Target 2: $530.00 (Double Bottom Price Satisfaction), representing $89 per share profit.

This Technical Rebound is targeted to wipe out late Apple shortists who do not have holding power to their shorts.
Take longs/buys/investment profits on APPLE (APPL) when the above targets are hit.

Donovan's Market Analysis:

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