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Friday, 14 June 2013

Funds Flow Analysis (FFA): 14 June 2013, Friday, 2.40 pm Singapore Time

Current Latest Computed Funds Flow Analysis (FFA):
For Worldwide Financial Markets:
14 June 2013, Friday, 2.40 pm Singapore Time

Computed FFA For Worldwide Financial Markets

Broad Markets / Big Markets / Big Wind Directions

European markets are 20 minutes away from opening for trading while US markets (Dow, S&P500 and NASDAQ) are 6 hours 50 minutes away from opening. 

Based on current latest computational results, Holdings Index Strength of Big Hands changed from -7.695 to -7.499 in strength on the Donovan Norfolk Funds Flow Index OscillatorBig Hands' Puts Holdings changed from -7.592 to -6.796 in strength on the Donovan Norfolk Funds Flow Index Oscillator. 

Broad/Big Market (Big Wind Direction) Immediate-Term/Short-Term Posture by Big Hands:

+ Consolidation of Shorts
+ Profit-taking in Puts
+ Big Hands' Puts' had multi-folded in profits (Each batch at least +200% to +500% in profits)
+ Note: Main bulk of bearish Puts accumulated over the last 2 weeks
Persistent holding of Shorts and significant Puts as per calculated just before this heavy sell-down.
+ Slight profit taking in Puts but majority of Shorts still holding on, suggesting immediate term rebound was created to confuse market and is merely a noise; main direction still down for the short-mid term.
+ Worldwide/International financial markets' corrections have not capitulated yet so will not end yet.
+ Selling has not reached fear or capitulation yet
+ Big Margin Calls on the Weaker Big Hands on the wrong side of the market have not been triggered yet.
+ Strong Big Hands will still have the need for more sell-downs in order for retailers, small hands and Weak Big Hands to capitulate/chop head in their Longs.
+ Sell-down has not climaxed yet, ie more sell-down expected by me to come.

Broad/Big Market (Big Wind Direction) Mid-Long Term Outlook by Big Hands:

+ We are currently not in any bear market yet.
+ Mid-long-term remains a buy on dip for investment purposes in 2013 as markets in Europe and Asia have negated bear market technical structures as mentioned last year 2012.
+ Long term funds are still buying/investing.
+ Short term and immediate term shorts/sells/profit-takings by traders represent entry/re-entry opportunities for longer term investors (i.e. buy on retracement dips).
+ Short term shake-outs on weak holders, or retailers with high leverage and no holding power, represent golden chance to buy on dips cheaply.
+ As highlighted previously, by 2Q/3Q 2013, many markets (except PIIGS) will make new bull market highs since 2009 financial crisis..

Donovan Big Hands Funds Flow Computational Oscillator

Donovan's Funds Flow Analysis Index Oscillator:
-10 ----- 0 ------+10
Donovan's Funds Flow Analysis Strength-Index Scale Key:
negative (-ve) = shorting;
positive (+ve) = longing;
0: No shorts and no longs (direction-less)
1-2: Weak strength / weak holdings
3-4: Moderate strength / moderate holdings
5-6: Strong strength / high holdings
7-8:Very strong strength / very high holdings
9-10:: Rally Mode in store if +ve / Plunging Mode in store if -ve

Implication of Broad Markets/Big Markets/Big Wind Indices Directions
If it is a rising tide in Index Big Wind, most or almost all stock boats generally rise;
If it is a receding tide in Index Big Wind, most or almost all stock boats generally go lower.
Hence the importance of Big Wind Directions walked by Big Hands.

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