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Saturday, 18 May 2013

DAX Index: 18 May 2013, Saturday, 11.10pm Singapore Time

DAX Index: 18 May 2013, Saturday, 11.10pm Singapore Time

BMR-1 and BMR-2 Negations:

There were many Sell-In-May precautions or warnings for 2013 in Singapore by many supposed "gurus" or "experts" as well as in international news. Well, the more "experts" who cautioned about selling or "sell in May and go away", the more one should had bought secretly and should still be buying, especially German Market and the German DAX Index.

As per advocated since last year, we are still in a long term bull market at current point.

Attached is the German DAX market structure which is one of the leaders, together with the US.
In early 2012, there was the first BMR (Bear Market Rejection) signal by the market (BMR-1). This Bear Market Rejection received double confirmation in the same last year 2012 June-July period (BMR-2)

This is essentially a very bullish structure

There are those who are persistently bearish currently; they do not want to admit that their years of bearishness and posting of bearish news and bearish reports are not objective vis-a-vis what market analysis says. They will continue to be wrong, and the day they wake up to find critical resistances broken up, realise that they are wrong, they will be wrong again: because markets will secretly turn its back on them again.

Based on Technical Analysis of the German DAX chart above, 
German DAX Long Term Target: 9415 points

To share a quote I have composed:
"When market commanders make a decision, the rest of the followers will follow."
-Donovan Ang

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