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Monday, 3 June 2019

Straits Times Index (STI): 3 June 2019, Monday

Straits Times Index (STI):
3 June 2019, Monday
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Attached is the Technicals for Singapore Straits Times Index (STI). STI gives an important glimpse into the state of the world economy. STI has traditionally been the most reliable indicator in measuring true strength of global economy. Most international trade passes through Singapore and it is the 3rd most important financial centre in the world. The STI is currently sitting on trendline support bands in orange and red. This trend band is responsible for maintaining resumption of long term uptrend. In addition, when the STI broke down pink trend line support, it did not engage in backtesting 3073-3171 points as resistance (green horizontal lines and purple horizontal line). Instead, under the guidance of bullish fan structure, it re-captured the 3073-3171 points and backtested these as supports again. We are not in any preparation for worldwide recession as the global media has claimed or warned about. We are in unstoppable bull market worldwide. Price actions speak for itself.


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