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Sunday, 2 June 2019

FedEx (NYSE: FDX): 2 June 2019, Sunday

FedEx (NYSE: FDX):
2 June 2019, Sunday
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Attached is the Technicals for FedEx (NYSE: FDX). Fedex would make a natural sacrificial lamb for China to slaughter. This is because after US attempted to knock Huawei into the coma, as part of an overall trade war strategy, China would need to find and gather a few sacrificial lambs that add up to the weight of a Huawei, and to knock these into a KO, if not TKO, as well. If China does not, the message sent would be that China's trade opponent can keep pushing their luck further. Based on logic, FedEx is a natural choice for sending into the operating theatre for China because it will not hurt China much, and it is the 8th largest private employer in the US, and there are easily good substitutes such as DHL and China's very own express postal systems available. FedEx has now ended just below the trendline last Friday, 31 May 2019, essentially confirming a critical breakdown. The market has derived the same forward-looking concept and made the same judgement as me on FedEx now. Expect FedEx to go below $100. After US makes Ericsson and Nokia in Europe the winner, China is making DHL in Europe the winner. More to come. Airbus may become big winners as well. The 2nd Renaissance of Europe is coming, without Europe needing to do anything.


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