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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Noble Group Technical Analysis: 4 August 2016, Thursday, 2.30am Singapore Time

Noble Group Technical Analysis: 
4 August 2016, Thursday, 2.30am Singapore Time

Attached above is the technical analysis of Noble Group.
Pink support-resistance trend lines shows how the history repeats itself for creation of launchpads for significant rallies. The launchpads are being created right now for this month, August-2016, as indicated in chart. Green boxed region is the final accumulation zone. Yellow trajectory is the expected bottoming process and a powerful rally is expected for 2H-2016 and 2017.
(Observe the pink technical lines in detail: this is how launchpads can be derived at times and adds to triangulation of support)

Most people are extremely bearish in stock markets right now.
This is good time for markets worldwide to punish the bears severely, by executing powerful unexpected up-moves. 


  1. Hi Donovan,thanks for your continuous sharing.
    Is it means you are expecting strong recovery for metal & energy sector?
    How about your target price since you mentioned strong bull on this stock?
    Thanks Donovan

    1. Yes i am expecting strong recovery.

    2. Hi Donovan,
      Thanks for your enlightening technical analysis. Recent drop further in noble does it still point to a rally? 2H 2016 seems to be halfway. Thanks much.

    3. If you see my Noble Group's trajectory on chart carefully, Noble Group is currently doing the treacherous backtest down per my chart (rebound off and then drop down to backtest support again before a major rebound in 2017). Yes a worldwide rally in commodity stocks, in fact almost all of worldwide stock markets to be bullish, is in the work for 4Q-2016 and 2017.