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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Hong Kong China H-Shares Index: 23 August 2016, Tuesday, 10.22am Singapore Time

Hong Kong China H-Shares Index: 
23 August 2016, Tuesday, 10.22am Singapore Time

Attached is the market action for China H-shares in Hong Kong.
Breakdowns are being re-accumulated with strong longs and strong buy strength.
Chinese markets are being snapped up with buys.
China A50, Chinese CSI 300, Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, Chinese H-Shares, China Stocks are all being accumulated for rallies. Smart Monies worldwide are bullish, contrary to the herd's silly bearish beliefs. Buy against the herd.

Side-Note 1:
A Chinese rally will be particularly bullish for entire Asia Pacific region.

Side-Note 2:
My Funds will be pumping more into investing this economy. My first few batches are in for 2016 already (See previous 2016 China buys). Watch out for my live trades and entries. Track me closely to see how my funds will make a lot of money from China markets.

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