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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Fu Yu Technical Analysis: 31 August 2016, Wednesday, 11.36am Singapore Time

Fu Yu Technical Analysis: 
31 August 2016, Wednesday, 11.36am Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals for Fu Yu, a stock that is listed in the SGX Singapore Stocks Exchange.

The Full Volume Flow that has been traded and executed in this stock is as fully illustrated and explained in the chart itself. Buying up has been impulsive with high volume; selling has been at times impulsive and sometimes corrective but whatever the selling, it has always been of relative low volume selling and dries up fast.

The Orange Regions are regions of huge absorption where the stock has been sucked into the strong hands in the market (MARKET ABSORPTION). Suction and absorption by strong hands almost always result in big waves up. On technical terms, together with worldwide funds flow of big longs as background, the tide will push this boat up strongly. Bullish.

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  1. Hi don,

    Just wondering for this counter, will it backtest the 0.176 support? Are you still bullish on this?