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Friday, 24 June 2016

The forward-looking Wall Street: After BREXIT, what happens? What's next in financial markets?

The forward-looking Wall Street: After BREXIT, what happens? What's next in financial markets?

After BREXIT, the focus will no longer be British markets and the Great British Pound.

As the first EU member leaves, markets will start to worry who is next in line wanting to leave the European Union. The European dis-Union has been officially kick-started by U.K, the perceived trouble-maker inside the EU. Those economies that disliked being under the control of German leadership in EU may start to look to U.K. as the new inspiration. 

Markets, led by Wall Street, will start to be fearful of the future of Europe and the Euro currency next. This is the next chess move. Focus will switch from U.K to Europe, and from GBP to EUR from here on. Euro may start to be the new limelight while GBP continues to bleed.

European stock markets to remain in fearful mode, and this will affect stock-equities asset classes worldwide. Euro may also start to sell more than the British Pound when the awakening, led by Wall Street, starts to come soon. Asia will become the temporary safety shelter for hot monies worldwide. Expect hot monies to flood into Asia to seek for shelter for the short-mid term.

Gold to remain as safe haven to counter all risks while stocks generally bleed, less in Asia and more in Europe. Smart monies have been flooding into Gold, and Gold remains the best investment asset class worldwide as reiterated strongly with all the break-ups in gold charts shown to you to help you.
The Swiss Franc melt-up in 2015 topped at around +21% against the USD.
The GBP melt-down in 2016 may likely do the same temporary bottoming process at -21% from today's open in a few weeks' time. However,GBP is in a secular big downtrend.

Additional Side Note:
<< Brexit, UK, North Ireland and Scotland: Possibly More Chaos Coming >>
It is possible that Scotland could now say they want to break away from U.K. because Scotland was taken out of EU against its own will and that they have no reason to stay with U.K. anymore. It was because of EU that the Scots stayed with U.K, but now that U.K is no longer inside E.U, the Scottish have justifications to Brexit from UK as well. A second referendum on Scottish independence should be coming soon and that will see the Great British Pound receive another round of Great British Pounding. Maybe like the European dis-union, even the Union Jack will be dis-unioned. The UK may prepare to take out the Scottish flag that is embedded inside it if Scottish independence referendum passes as well. North Ireland in U.K may also vote to join Republic of Ireland.


  1. Very rational, so I am expecting a rebound, a new high and correction in Gold. We shall see. - Martin Sim

  2. I still think the Pound can double vs the Yen after this low forms, May take 3yrs

    Sound as a Pound IMO will be the place to go when you dont want to Hold GOLD, YEN, EURO or USD.