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Friday, 3 June 2016

Gold Technical Analysis: 3 June 2016, Friday, 10.52pm Singapore Time

Gold Technical Analysis: 
3 June 2016, Friday, 10.52pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the full technicals of Gold (Current Gold Price = $1241.40).

Refer to all the circled regions where I forewarned over the last 2 years that Stocks-Equities investors will suffer wealth destruction to their portfolio while those who transfer their stocks holdings to Gold will mostly preserve their wealth and can expect even more gains to come while most people would have already been damaged with bad losses.

Additional Note:
<< THE MARKET HFT ALGORITHM: Buy Gold on Dips >>
If Brexit is unsuccessful, European currencies and risk-biased currencies in demand and USD sells off, Gold rallies.
If Brexit is successful, fear floods the market and Gold rallies.

Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating on Gold and Gold ETFs (GLD):
Bullish mid-term
Bullish mid-long term
Bullish long-term
Suitable for investment

Past Gold Analyses:


  1. It's very simple and clear view

  2. I think gold is trapping the bull for now. It will collapse to 1160/1180 region in late June. I will be loading then. Hope it come.