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Monday, 27 June 2016

CNMC Goldmine: 27 June 2016, Monday, 7.15am Singapore Time

CNMC Goldmine: 
27 June 2016, Monday, 7.15am Singapore Time

Attached above is the technical analysis on CNMC Goldmine. Based on the worldwide re-accumulation of Gold emphasized over the last 3 years and reiterated especially strongly over the last 1 year, CNMC Goldmine will rally to a historical high never ever seen before. Tally the accumulation with the Gold chart below (accumulation regions and break-up point region in Gold).

CNMC Goldmine:

Gold Chart updated 3 weeks ago on 3rd June 2016:

Summary of previous Gold Analyses:
Donovan-Norfolk highlighting, over the past 3 years and in early 2016, on Gold to be:
 1. Preservation of Wealth by Avoiding Stocks
2. In Re-accumulation mode by Big Monies worldwide
3. Rallying explosively after its tight range re-accumulation from 1150-1350.
4. Undervalued at anything below $1300 (my emphasis over the last 3 years and huge hedge funds' investment cum speculative accumulation over the past 3 years)

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