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Friday, 17 May 2019

USDCNH: 17 May 2019, Friday, 6.20pm Singapore Time

17 May 2019, Friday, 6.20pm Singapore Time

Attached is the Technicals of USDCNH (USD against Chinese Yuan) which has moved according to my forewarned directions as explained in my Facebook Tweets. All my followers are in the green now. The USDCNH has negated all built-up bearish divergences. This is very bullish in nature. The trendline in black has been reinforced to become a strong trend. Every time when the black trendline uptrend is being maintained and green classical resistances are being broken upwards, a major move happens. China continues flooding Chinese Yuan into the markets, making it the best trade, or even best investment, to be shorting the Chinese Yuan right now. Chinese Central Bank, the PBOC, offers the big brother protection as analysed earlier in my Facebook Page Posts.

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Funds Flow Analysis


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