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Friday, 17 May 2019

Crude Oil (WTI Oil): 17 May 2019, Friday, 7.11pm Singapore Time

Crude Oil (WTI Oil): 
17 May 2019, Friday, 7.11pm Singapore Time

Attached is the Technicals of Crude Oil (WTI Oil) which has moved according to my forewarned directions as explained in my previous analyses and Facebook Tweets. All my followers are in the green now. Crude Oil Stocks take heed of directions from the Crude Oil Primary Sources Market. Things to take note: 1. Bull's Fan (Perfect Technicals); 2. Bullish Rounding Bottom achieved in the intra-days; 3. Worldwide Smart Monies had been bullish in the Crude Oil market as highlighted the past 6 months when it was below $60 and to add icing to the cake, the market-makers were joining the large longs as taught in funds flow theoretical models and calculations. When big monies are not obstructed by market-makers, extraordinary events happen. Crude oil stocks are bullish biased -- to the exent even Warren Buffett is scooping crude oil stocks cheaply now. He knows his stuff.

 Funds Flow Analysis
Funds Flow Analysis


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