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Sunday, 10 March 2019

What are the Markets doing? 10 March 2019, Sunday, 10.53am Singapore Time

What are the Markets doing? 
10 March 2019, Sunday, 10.53am Singapore Time

Attached is the Technicals for all the major equity markets of the US for tracking:

The Blue Circled Regions are where my live warnings in Nov-Dec 2018 forewarned that markets will make a sharp turn for the up and that there is to be NO BEAR MARKET, based on The Super Root of All funds Flow. Markets enacted true to my forewarning.

The Red Circled Regions are where my live warnings in early March-2019 forewarned that there will be a healthy sell-on-the-news arising from good progress in the trade talks between US and China -- that the healthy correction is to create noise, shake out mentally weak market participants, and to confirm newfound supports for long term bull market. Markets enacted true to my words.

The Green Circled Regions are where markets are eyeing for the backtests of reclaimed resistances-turned-supports -- the essential confirmations for long term resumed bull markets (Remember: NO BEAR MARKET as dictated by the Super Root of All Funds Flow).

The continued bull market is ensured by the Super Root of All Funds Flow as educated in Funds Flow Analysis Theory under Special Topics.

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
Short Term Correction ending in around 1.5 weeks, with Continued High Upside Bull Market for 2019-2020

 Funds Flow Analysis
Funds Flow Analysis


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