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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Equity Dominant Money Flow within the Singapore Straits Times Index Stocks for 6 March 2019:

Equity Dominant Money Flow of the 3 Largest-Cap Stocks of Singapore Straits Times Index for 6 March 2019:

DBS:   +$10,779,616   (Net Dominant Inflow for 6th March 2019)
OCBC: +$3,917,497  (Net Dominant Inflow for 6th March 2019)
UOB:   +$2,361,623  (Net Dominant Inflow for 6th March 2019)
(These 3 stocks alone make up around half the weight of the entire Straits Times Index).

The top 3 most Dominant Money Outflow STI-Component Stock for 6th March 2019:
Capitamall: -$14,578,647 
Thai Beverage: -$11,855,243 
Singtel: -$9,818,149 

The top most Dominant Money Inflow STI-Component Stock for 6th March 2019:
DBS:  +$10,779,616 
 Ascendas Reit: +$10,883,247.00 
 Venture Corp: +$3,088,992  

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