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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding as Illustration of the kind of Bull Market The World is Cruising On: 6 January 2018, Sunday, 12.02pm Singapore Time

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding: 
6 January 2018, Sunday, 12.02pm Singapore Time
(Click on Technical Chart above to Expand)

Attached is the Technicals of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, with all my track records illustrated at the circled regions (click on chart to expand and study in detail). This analysis was shared previously among the most inside circles among my groups. Yangzijiang Shipbuilding has since gone up by yet another +3.25% last Friday, 4 January 2019. Read on to learn on the wider market implications which could be litmus-ed out by such a blue chip shipbuilding company that is highly sensitive to international boom-bust cycles.

1. As reiterated, 1st half of the bull market runs from 2008-2018 and 2nd half of bull market runs from 2018-2028. Mid point of secular bull: 2018 (for conviction shakeouts and Super-cycle backtests). We are now approaching ACCELERATED MAJORITY GAINS of market cycle from 2019 on. 

2. Yangzijiang has completed Super-Cycle Breakouts, Back-tested the Critical Resistance-Turned-Supports as illustrated in GREEN CIRCLED REGIONS, and any dip is a buy in the markets -- not the fear-mongered sells. It has been given green light to go for $3.00 and beyond $3.00 respectively. This will give a multi-bagger returns from my below $1.00 buys (refer to past time-stamped analyses)

3. You can be sure 95% herd are still bearish, calling for bear market, calling for recession and calling for crisis. We are in super-cycle bull market of a life time. All stocks worldwide are walking along this kind of Super Bull of a Lifetime. When ship-builders achieve critically bullish breakouts in price structure, it means worldwide bull is at just the half-way mark of an expansionary cycle (go read up on economics or learn from people who have more than 17 years of experience, i.e. more experienced than me, and you will get the same answer, though unfortunately there are not many such selfless people around).

【Do not follow the herd shouting for bear market or drawing bearish charts: the bull market still has another at least 3-5 years of multi-bagger upmoves to come. We are at just mid-cycle of Secular Bull】

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