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Monday, 7 January 2019

The Real Technicals of Crude Oil, Crude Oil Related Stocks and Worldwide Equity Cycle: 7 January 2019, Monday, 11.38pm Singapore Time

The Real Technicals of Crude Oil, Crude Oil Related Stocks and Worldwide Equity Cycle: 
7 January 2019, Monday, 11.38pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the Real Technicals of Crude Oil, and hence Crude Oil Related Stocks and Worldwide Equity Cycle. The large blue Inverse Shoulder-Head-Shoulder is as illustrated on Chart. It illustrates how crude oil was suppressed below the orange band of neckline, changed in dynamics (first green circled region) and then achieved breakup of the neckline in 2017 to confirm for new spring for energy markets. In 2018, Trump's trade war merely confirmed the neckline band as support. This support is for double confirmation purposes -- that we are in midpoint of Equities' Secular Bull Market Cycle. 

The bottom of the crude oil at $26.05 fell in tune to my live fore-warnings back in 1Q-2016 declaring that $30 per barrel would be rock bottom. It had enacted according to my fore-warnings during 2016. Notice in dark green circled region that trade war in 2018 was used to shake out weak holders and to concurrently execute backtest confirmation of the orange band neckline (turned support). This backtest is for confirming the large supercycle upmove in energy markets -- for crude oil to go beyond $100 per barrel in the coming few years. 

This all falls in line with the 2nd half of the Secular Bull Market Cycle which I had been pre-empting for. 95% of naive ignorant herd are bearish and still calling for bear market; only 5% true professionals are bullish, and that includes hedge funds and smart monies who belong to the 5%. 2nd half of bull market cycle is coming, and 2nd halves are where majority gains for all stocks across the board are made. 

All energy crude oil stocks and all commodity and raw material stocks are brewing for explosive up-cycle. Watch how my fore-warnings will get enacted once again. 

【Do not follow the 95% herd shouting for bear market or drawing bearish charts: the bull market still has another at least 3-5 years (and up to 10 years) of multi-bagger upmoves to come. We are at just mid-cycle of Secular Bull, and 2nd half is where accelerated majority gains are to be made. 】

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
Bullish with no end in sight for 2019.

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