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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Updated Technicals of Wilmar International: 18 November 2018, Sunday, 2.35pm Singapore Time

Updated Technicals of Wilmar International: 
18 November 2018, Sunday, 2.35pm Singapore Time
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Attached is the Updated Technicals for Wilmar International, a major palm oil company that is listed in the Singapore SGX. Wilmar is currently still doing a large rounding bottom of re-accumulation. The first 3 dark orange circled regions are where extreme high volumes could not crush Wilmar -- these are secret buying volumes by smart monies in the market. The 4th orange circled region is confirmation on buying volumes. Wilmar's current big rounding accumulation coincides with where the worst of all trade war fears merely confirmed a large higher low. It is a confirmation of its long term bull market. Expectation of Wilmar's forward trajectory is as illustrated on chart.

The Donovan Norfolk Technical Rating:
Long Term Bullish within Bull Market

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