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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Malaysia Steel Works (MASTEEL) (KLSE: 5098): 20 November 2018, Tuesday, 2.20pm Singapore Time

Malaysia Steel Works (MASTEEL) (KLSE: 5098): 
20 November 2018, Tuesday, 2.20pm Singapore Time
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I am officially adding significant positions in Malaysia Steel Works (MASTEEL) now after 1st initial torpedo in early 2018. The black structure is the 10-Year SuperCycle Bullish Wedge that will result in Super-Cycle Bull of a Lifetime. As reiterated that 2008-2018 is 1st half of secular bull, with 2018-2028 making up 2nd half of the secular bull, the green circled region is the SuperCycle breakout. The brown circled region is the SuperCycle's treacherous backtest of a lifetime to confirm for SuperCycle's Bull of a Lifetime. Refer to detailed calculations on Chart. MASTEEL can be expected to hit a minimum TP of 2.7600 from current price of 0.4800, and has an expectation TP of 3xPivot= RM 4.14 (Current Price RM0.48).

【Do not follow the herd shouting for bear or drawing bearish charts cluelessly】

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