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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Straits Times Index of Singapore: Best Indicator as Litmus for Performance of Worldwide Financial Markets

Straits Times Index of Singapore: 
Best Indicator as Litmus for Performance of Worldwide Financial Markets

Attached above is the technicals for Straits Times Index (STI) of Singapore. It is the best indicator to the performance of worldwide stocks and equities markets. It is also the most honest market in the world, without much requirement for technical investors and traders to even second guess.

The Orange technical line, Black Circle and Green zone shows how the breakdown of the orange support failed to spark any significant sell-offs in 2016. Volume flow shows that Smart Monies are disinterested in any selling right now. The Straits Times Index and world financial markets are going to complete re-accumulation after the correction soon. Worldwide stock markets and STI will rally in 2017 to highs never seen before. STI will also rally to historic high of beyond 4000 points in 2017. There are too many fools calling for selling in 2016. They see no reason for rally. Hence, markets will not only rally, but super rally. Many economic indicators will show up surprisingly beyond expectations in 2017. Expectations set in 2016 for 2017 is a low bar for 2017. Even an obese bull can clear the low hurdles easily. This, in itself, will be stimulative for 2017.

DNA Technical Rating:
Bullish for 2017, 
Against herd majority expectations

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