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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

AusGroup: 5 October 2016, Wednesday, 9.35pm Singapore Time

5 October 2016, Tuesday, 9.35pm Singapore Time

Attached above is the technicals of AusGroup, a penny stock that is listed in the SGX Singapore Market. The Red Circled regions are my warnings in 2013 and 2014 to get out of the stocks and equities markets, especially commodity-related stocks, oil-stocks, mid-caps and small-caps, warning live back then that stock investors will mostly bleed badly despite indices looking strong to inflict bad losses for the herd. 

Majority of the herd have lost a lot of money by now as per forewarned in 2013-2014 before it happens. AusGroup has inflicted investors with more than -90% losses per my fore-warnings of 2013-2014. After bleeding badly, most of the herd are expecting gloom and doom now in 2016. They are finally bearish. They see no reason for markets to rally. It is time to be bullish and buy from the losers. It is time to be against the foolish herd again. We will not only have a rally in 2017, amidst all the gloom and doom, we will have a SUPER RALLY. This will make a lot of the losers' hearts crumble, causing them to grind their teeth and lose their teeth, because financial markets will make them look like utter fools once again.

DNA Technical Rating:
【Worldwide stock markets to have super rally in 2H-2016 and 2017.】

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