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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Apple (NASDAQ: APPL): 5 August 2015, Wednesday, 10.45pm Singapore Time

Received a good news from another graduate trainee. 
Thanks for sharing your joy.
You know who you are! Congrats!
Apple was mentioned to a few batches of the trainee graduates. 
They were taught how to know if the volume associated with white candle is real buy or actually a sell, and whether the volume associated with red candle is a real sell or actually a buy as well. There is a real insider technique to do that. In the case of Apple, there were secret unloads within green/white bullish candles.
This is how they shorted with great confidence for instant profits.

Apple (NASDAQ: APPL): 
5 August 2015, Wednesday, 10.45pm Singapore Time

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